Rejuvenation Community Trust

Turning Concepts into Reality!

Rejuvenation Community Trust Vision and Mission

Our Vision & Mission

To make a collaborative impact through strategic partnerships to benefit the

community, business and local government, where dreams overflows into prosperity and rejuvenation is key to prosperity.


PBO NUMBER: 9300 35314

Level 1 B-BBEE Rating


Community Partnership Projects

We form partnerships between Civil Society, Business and Private institutions to identify and prioritise projects and programmes that will make a significant difference in the community. Business and Community members will have an opportunity to donate time, money, and expertise towards specific projects.

Concept Development

Specialising in turning your concepts into reality. Delivering your thoughts and dreams by creating a concept proposal that can be presented to stakeholders & executed as a Turn-key project. Alternatively, tailored to an execution strategy.

Admin & Financial Management

As implementing partner, we have an open and transparent working relationship and therefore our accounting is run independently, through an auditing firm with company funding ring-fenced to your specific projects.

Turn-Key Project Management & Implementation

We offer Companies the opportunity to partner with us as implementing partner to execute projects from start to finish. Our all-inclusive service encompasses every aspect of your project execution and management requirements. With an experienced team of globally experienced professional resources, we consistently deliver a professional, quality-driven service.

18A Certificate for Tax Deduction Benefits

We are a Trust with a PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) status and as a result we also offer companies an 18A Tax deductible certificate on: Funding paid to us, Gifts in-kind, Donations

Many South African Companies want to make a difference in the Community but don’t know where to start. It is only when you work with the Community that you truly get an understanding of what their needs are. Partner with us to Rejuvenate your community.

Health & Welfare

Health & Welfare

Aimed at improving the social & health conditions by addressing behaviour that impacts negatively on the community

Skills Development

Skills Development & Education

Aimed at improving quality primary, secondary and tertiary education with the aim to improve education skills and capacity of all the inhabitants.


Safety & security

Aimed at providing assistance to the South African Police service and Community Police Forum to implement and sustain effective crime prevention strategies and programmes.


Sports & Recreation

Aimed at creating sustainable sport facilities by supporting the management and maintenance of infrastructure but also sport development programs and events

Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

Aimed at developing local artist by providing opportunities to showcase their talent and preserving cultural heritage of all cultures.


Agriculture & Environment

Aimed at creating a conducive and environmentally friendly area that will enhance the quality of life of all its people

Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development

Selecting and partnering with existing SMME’s with the aim of providing a service offering to business and municipalities

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